Google op Twitter

Google op Twitter

Op hebben wij een alle (bij ons bekende) links bij elkaar verzameld van Google (met dank aan Google US zelf).

Google the central account
Google Wave updates & info on Google Wave
Google PubPolicy the take on politics, policy & government
Blogger for Blogger fans
Google Books Passages, quotes, images and product news
Google Calendar user tips & updates
Google Contacts user tips for Google Contacts
Google Images news, tips, tricks on the visual image search
Google News latest headlines via Google News
Google NewsJP latest headlines via Google News Japan
Google Reader from the feed reader team
Google Voice updates & info on Google Voice
iGoogle news & notes from Google's personalized homepage
Google Students news of interest to students using Google
Google mobile apps Updates on Google mobile apps
YouTube for YouTube fans
YouTube ES en Espanol
Google At Work solutions for IT and workplace productivity
Google Sites Google Sites updates
Google Toolbar news & tips from the Toolbar team

Sketch Up Google SketchUp news
3DWH SketchUp's 3D Warehouse
Model your town 3D modeling to build your favorite places
Earth Outreach Earth & Maps tools for nonprofits & orgs
Google Earth updates from the Google Earth team
Google Maps uses, tips, mashups
Google SkyMap Android app for the night sky

AdSense for online publishers
AdWordsHelper looking out for AdWords questions and tech issues
AdWordsProSarah Google Guide for AdWords Help Forum
Google Analytics insights for website effectiveness
Google AdBuilder re building display ads
Google AdManager info on managing online ads & inventory
Google Affiliate info for publishers from Google network advertisers
Google Auto news for auto advertisers
Google Display Google's Display Team - Here to discuss industry news, data and trends in display advertising
Google Financial Servcices news for financial services advertisers
Googlemande news for media & entertainment advertisers
Google Retail news for retail advertisers
Google Tech news for tech advertisers
Google Travel news for travel advertisers
Google TVAds info on the digital system for more measurable TV advertising
Technology UK for U.K. tech advertisers
UK retail for U.K. retail advertisers
Creative Sandbox for advertising agencies
Inside AdWords DE for German AdWords customers
Google Agency DE for German ad agencies
AdSense Korea info for Korean-language publishers
AdSense PT info for Portuguese-language publishers
AdWords Russia AdWords news & tips in Russian
Dentro de AdWords Spanish updates from the Inside AdWords blog
Google Agencias for Latin American agencies

Developer & technical
AdWords API AdWords API tips
Google Research from the research scientists
Google Webmaster Central
Google Code latest updates for Google developer products
Google Data Data APIs provide a standard protocol for reading and writing web data
App Engine web apps run on Google infrastructure
Data Liberation the initiative for complete import/export of all data
Google Devapac for Google developers in Asia-Pacific
Google Maps API about using Google Maps embedded in websites
Google IO Google's largest annual developer event

Culture, People
Google Talks notes from the @Google speaker series
Google Jobs the voice of Google recruiters

Country or Region
Google Arabia news from the Google Arabia Blog
Google Downunder Google activities in Australia & New Zealand
Google Brasil News & info for Brasil
Google Canada News & notes from Google Canada
Google DE Google in Germany
Google Korea News & notes in Korean
Google LatAm Latin America (en Espanol)
Google Policy It Notes on Google policy issues in Italy
Google Russia Information in Russian on Google products & services

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